The Campus has separate Hostels for Pre Sea and Post Sea Course candidates while the Pre Sea trainees are accommodated in “Serang” “Sagarika” and “Sagaresh” Hostels, “Sagardweep” Hostel is exclusively maintained for Post sea Candidates.

Accommodation is on sharing basis and replicates that found on board merchant ships which additionally prepares Pre Sea trainees for the life at sea ahead. The rooms are adequately furnished to get the trainees accustomed to a Spartan life style.

Green Campus – Ecology Conservation Initiatives

Lush mangroves are zealously guarded by the Campus security through CCTV surveillance and patrolling. See the picturesque coastline in the aerial view of the Campus on the ‘Home Page’.

The Campus is home to more than around 18 varieties of birds.

Conscious of its social obligations, the campus has laid out an elaborate system of rain water harvesting, use of non conventional energy (Solar water heating and Power Plants), recycling of grey water through Reed Bed system of treatment and a bio gas plant to treat part of the bio-degradable waste generated in the Campus through the community and domestic kitchens.

Dry and green leaves are shredded and used as mulch in the extensive gardens in the Campus. Kitchen waste is further treated in composting pits with ‘Bio Bloom’ method of composting which does not involve any mechanical means of composting.

Entry of Plastic material less than 50 microns is discouraged and the campus inmates are strictly prohibited from carrying non biodegradable plastic material.


Hostel Booking

Hostel booking can be done when coming for the course.